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If you never had an astrological consultation, or would just like my take on how your birth chart can help you understand yourself better, this is the reading for you. We will cover topics you could be interested in, but also see how those circumstances correlate with other areas and people in your life. I will ask questions about certain placements, then reflect back to you the isights I get from your lived experience related to the chart. The goal here is not to make predictions, but rather provide valuable insight into one's patterns of behaviour, so you are able to make informed, bolder, more confident choices.




This reading is for those who want predictive work, focusing on the year ahead, from one birthday to the next. According to your new Solar Cycle, we'll be able to determine which areas of your life are more favorable or not for whatever projects you may be preparing for in the following month. We'll mix techniques like Annual Profections, Distributions and Transits to your Revolution chart in order to find the answers you seek. Like the natal reading, this one gives you insights about the circumstances and aims to help you better deal with them, but brefore the events unfold. 




It could be anything. This service is for you if you've had a Solar Revolution or Natal readings already, with me or anyone else, and want some follow up or in depth look into particular topics that weren't covered in the previous services. If you are used to having astrological consultations, this one should be perfect for you to just clarify that one particular upcoming transit that's been on the back of your mind for days, or to talk about this one particular relationship that seems to be more challenging than it usually is at the moment. We can do some predictive work related to the topics you bring using Annual Profections and Transits, but the main focus is to bring you clarity and confidence to deal with present matters. 




A Horary reading is a question I ask the heavens on your behalf, meaning that you first contact me to see if I can accept your question, then you ask me, I will cast a chart for the moment and interpret it to get to your answer. Be as objective as you can, so the answer may be also clear. What I mean by this is that the more complex the question, the more I'll have to add factors to judge, so try to phrase it as a yes or no question or narrow down to exactly what you need to know and why in one phrase, as simple and clear as you can make it. This service does not require meeting me, as in the previous consultations. Since you can't book directly here, just message me in one of my other platforms or submit the form in the button below and I will get back to you within 72h (depending on urgency. Please contact me on one of my other platforms if you need immidiate assistance, and I'll see waht I can do) 




Electing the time to initiate a particular project, trip, job, and such, can be essential for guaranteeing the right circumstances will show up in your path so as to allow the Universe to direct you to your target. Have a date coming up with that cutie and want things to go as smooth as possible? Or maybe you want to send that important application on the moment the right person will see it? Perhaps it's time to throw that party for your department that could get you that promotion?
Let me demonstrate what consciously picking the best times through astrology can do for you! 




We arrange a time to have an online 30-40 minutes cosultation where we'll use my preferred spreads to answer any questions you may have or clarify some specific topic in your life. You can see my other social media for more information on how I use the Tarot also.

45 min

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