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Who has never dreamed of being able to predict the future, or of “guessing” intentions beyond their own, so that they could deal with fluctuations in life circumstances in a practical and assertive way? It was with this thought, during the most confusing period of my life, that I resorted to studying Astrology.

In 2016, the political and social scenario was chaotic, giving way to events that would culminate in the rise of authoritarianism and intolerance. In this context, I also questioned the paradigms that had guided me so far, realizing that many of these existed more to keep other people around me, intolerant and prejudiced people, happy, than to create for myself an identity I was proud of , through my experiences.

Thus, I realized the subtle ways in which capitalism and the imposition of distorted values ​​[by institutions that call themselves churches] of Christianity influenced me and silenced the voice of my spirit, which manifests itself in me in a way that threatens these systems, since it dares to be different.

So I needed a new way of understanding reality, expanding my knowledge about myself and the social issues that it was up to me to engage, so that, along this path, I could become a more authentic and functional individual for my community. Astrology was always in the back of my mind, as I had an experience with the mother of a dear teenage friend, who had told me things that even my family didn't understand about my personality, which left me burning with curiosity.

Therefore, for the last 5 years, I have not only learned a practical way to make my own living with my work, but I have mainly been able to pass this knowledge on to those around me, in order to help whoever comes to me with more than my own experience. I learned to spread the hope and care these revealing studies gave me about my life. I can offer at the very least a comforting perspective to those who are, as I have, passing through their dark valleys, so that the spirits of resilience, courage, determination and acceptance can give way to the best and most satisfying choices, made with full awareness of what their intuition is trying to instruct.



I have completed and continuously study the materials provided by Chris Brennan's Hellenistic Astrology course from the “Astrology Podcast”.

I have completed and continuously study the materials provided by the Astrology course at Acyuta-Bhava Dasa, from the “Nightlight Astrology” website [specifically, the material for the second year of the program].

I have participated for years in study groups in the national and international astrological communities, aiming to create a cohesive network of astrological knowledge in the globalized present, as well as to integrate practices that should never be seen as divergent, but complementary, such as the modern psychological model of analysis of the natal chart and the traditional, generally and dismissively called “deterministic”.

Because of the network I developed, I had opportunities such as conducting a series of monthly workshops, for one semester, at Gordon University, Georgia, at the invitation of one of their professors, my classmate, who served to present the topic of astrology for students and analyze important issues on some charts.

I am always on the lookout for new study materials, which led me to conferences, in person and online, lectures and classes by the most diverse professionals, such as the Queer Astrology conference, or Cinastro! In my technical repertoire, I have instruction given by people like Benjamin Dykes, through his books and workshops, Chris Brennan, Demetra George, Robert Schmidt, and many others.

I also currently participate in the mentorship program of the AFAN [Association For Astrological Networking], as a member of the organization, in addition to having been awarded the diversity scholarship at the beginning of the year, which allowed me to expand my practice in vital way!

Among the analysis techniques that I acquired at that time, from these sources, are such as Distributions, Profections (annual and monthly), Solar Revolutions, Inceptional Astrology, Progressions, among many others, which I usually combine with current Transits to obtain details of what the present circumstances have in store for us.

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