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Who has never dreamed of being able to predict the future, or of “guessing” intentions beyond their own, so that they could deal with fluctuations in life circumstances in a practical and assertive way? It was with this thought, during the most confusing period of my life, that I resorted to studying Astrology.

In 2016, the political and social scenario was chaotic, giving way to events that would culminate in the rise of authoritarianism and intolerance. In this context, I also questioned the paradigms that had guided me so far, realizing that many of these existed more to keep other people around me, intolerant and prejudiced people, happy, than to create for myself an identity I was proud of , through my experiences.

"David has an incredible mind for astrology! His knowledge of his craft is expansive. I'd recommend a reading with him to anyone looking for an insightful session!"

  Kristen D, Washington DC.


São Paulo, Brazil

I will also be able to talk to you through social media! Check out the links for them at the bottom of the page.

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